"A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance." ~ Cristobal Balenciaga

Friday, June 20, 2014

Take Me Back To Manhattan

Hello Readers!

So, at long last, after traveling through Spain, Italy, Turkey, & Egypt, I've returned to NYC!  The lovely Hotel Belleclaire was kind enough to generously sponsor me again during my visit.  Situated in the Upper West Side, their location is ideal.  It's close to Lincoln Center, Central Park, the subway, & lots of restaurants & stores.  It's also not too noisy a location, which is nice & unusual for NYC.  It was such a nice place to come back to after the meetings of the day.  I was so lucky to have the chance to partner with them again!  Here are some photos of the visit, including one of my Corinne Monique pieces on display in the hotel lobby :)

above the clouds

Upper West Side

my fashion crew

Hotel Belleclaire lobby

Corinne Monique fashion installation

such pretty orchids


view from Central Park

Garment District

Well, that's it for now...more to come!  Thanks again to the beautiful Hotel Belleclaire!

Until we meet again,



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly

Hello Lovelies!

It's finally Spring!!!  & Summer will be soon approaching!  In honour of the warmer weather, I thought I'd share a post on my Corinne Monique Spring/Summer 2014 collection with you :)

The collection, entitled 'Medusozoa' & shown during New York Fashion Week, was inspired by my trip to the tropical Caribbean last Spring for Tobago Fashion Week.  It was my very first time visiting the Caribbean & it had a big impact on me.  The 'Medusozoa' collection continued my debut 'Year of the Serpent' collection's focus on a sense of exoticism, but this time centered on the colourful and exuberant carnival celebrations or fetes of the islands.  The collection also drew inspiration from the equally exotic & beautiful sea life in the Caribbean ocean, especially the jellyfish.  Medusozoa is the scientific name for the strikingly exquisite yet fearsome & poisonous jellyfish, alluding to the powerful & intelligent mythological character Medusa.  Medusa is the embodiment of all things feminine, having qualities & symbolism similar to the serpent, & the term also means ruler or queen.  Like the jellyfish, Medusa is said to have been ravishingly beautiful as well as terrifying, turning men to stone with one glance.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nights (and Days) in the Gardens of Spain

Hola amigos!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  It's super duper hot here in Cairo (my current home-away-from-home), but I know it still feels like winter back in Canada, so here's a post for my peeps to heat things up :)

A while back, before I officially debuted my line, Corinne Monique, I designed and made a few capsule collections.  This post features one of those collections entitled 'Latinada.'  The collection was inspired by Spanish, Mexican, and South American painters and composers, by Latino and Hispanic artists who conjure up images of faraway terracotta-tiled, sunkissed villas and ladies with flowers in their hair, swaying in the breeze.  Press play & close your eyes...

{ http://youtu.be/aSf8Z5xuMBQ }

{ http://youtu.be/sIvmYMXB7FQ }

Now open your eyes!

Miquel Barceló
Ricardo Chavez Mendez

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Playing With Fire

Dear Readers,

I've been going through all my photos & finding some little gems while tidying things up a bit.  I came across a shoot I did with my uber-talented cellist sister, Kathleen Long, a while back, using a Corinne Monique dress from the Latinada capsule collection, shoes I inherited after a Greta Constantine runway show, & probably half the jewelry I own haha (ok, ok, I own more than that...but I'm just saying it was a lot of layering).  It was a very last-minute, "hey, lets go do this before it gets dark out" kind of shoot we did for a poster for one of Kathleen's performances.  We shot it in the last hours of daylight at the Toronto Music Garden, down by the Harbourfront, another location scouted by my ever-supportive mother, Norah Long.  The shoot featured Kathleen with her cello, much like the Valentina, Valentino photoshoot we did together with the custom couture recycled gown made from curtains.  But this time, the inspiration behind the shoot, & the end result, was much different from that sweet & sombre shoot.

For hair and makeup, as well as the set, I was inspired by Beyoncé's Run the World (Girls) video, directed by Francis Lawrence & shot in the Mojave Desert, California.  I loved the smoky, post-apocalyptic look of things and Beyoncé's gladiator-esque armour-inspired looks, featuring pieces designed by Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gareth Pugh, & Emilio Pucci, among others.  I also had Kathleen do a quick study on some of the poses which brought across a sense of power & authority in order to capture a similar aggressive, assertive image.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Legacies and Links

I am happy to announce that my post about the amazing and iconic Jeanette "Cookie" Cooke-Dabney, The Life of a Legend and Death of a Diva, was selected this week to be featured among the 20 best links to be rounded up by Independent Fashion Bloggers and included in Links à la Mode.  I am looking forward to reading all the posts (listed below) and I urge you to do the same.  I am so very glad more people will know more about Cookie and how beautiful a person she was.  It really means a lot to me to be able to share the life of my friend, model, and muse, if only in a small way.  Cookie's life, love, and legacy should be shared...Cookie, as well as her family, deserves that and so much more.  She is greatly missed but never forgotten.



Stepping Up the Style

The thing that keeps fashion interesting is that it's a never-ending project. But that doesn't mean we don't like to strive for perfection anyway. Whether it be following your favorite fashion icons, saying no to the trends, or breaking cliches, style can always be stepped up even when we simplify our wardrobes. This week we have a solid round up of style related posts, so be sure to check them all out!

Links à la Mode: January 23rd

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Life of a Legend and Death of a Diva

"There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go." ~ Author Unknown

Jeanette "Cookie" Cooke-Dabney 11/29/1955 - 1/20/2014

Cookie 'werking' the runway in the gown I designed and made just for her.
photos: Brooks Fotographie & Brian Branch Price

Yesterday, the world of fashion lost one of its brightest stars and greatest spirits, a true model in every sense of the word.   I lost my great mentor, a beautiful model and muse, and a special friend whom I loved dearly.  You may not know her, but you would have loved her too...everyone did.

Cookie, the amazing designer Willie Hall, and me at NYFW 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gipsy Queen

Hello Loves,

Yes, I'm still alive ;) 

I've been a traveling gypsy since September and I don't always have internet access, but I promise to update you all with my tales eventually :)

I've gone from Toronto to NYC to Virginia to Spain to Istanbul to Italy to Egypt!   Crazy, I know!  Anyway, since NYFW and VAFW last fall, I have been so inspired design-wise for my upcoming collections!  I have experienced so many new and exciting places, cultures, and people.  There are many photos to come of all my travels...I know it's been a bit of a dry spell (hey, I am in the desert, after all), but a monsoon of posts is about to happen, so get out your umbrellas! ;)

Talk soon,



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Good Evening...

Here's a little dose of creepy couture for your Halloween hoots...be afraid, be very afraid...& don't blame me if you have nightmares!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NYFW Trunk Show

Hello my Lovelies!

It's been a little while, but that's because I've been real busy with a ton of exciting new happenings, including showing during New York Fashion Week again!!!

To get started, I want to talk about my NYFW Trunk Show for my new Spring/Summer 2014 collection, 'Medusozoa' (I'll discuss the collection itself as well as the runway show in detail in a following post).  

I was lucky enough to have my stay sponsored by our parter, the beautiful Hotel Belleclaire on the Upper West Side of NYC!  I am so grateful to have been provided with a lovely (& enormous) room to showcase my new collection to buyers & media.  Select pieces from the new collection were also on display in the hotel lobby, along with displays by Suja Juice, Stella & Dot, & Korto Momolu, all of whom I adore.  

I also took some of my gorgeous models out for a spin to Lincoln Center (more about that later too), so we had to stop on the red carpet in the lobby for some photo ops ;)  These lovely ladies caused quite a stir with Hotel Belleclaire's guests!

Solie'l Paden, Casey Barber, Amanda Gooden, & Jessica Magary

Here we all are posing with out Suja Juice (so yummy!) before we head out to knock 'em dead at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center!

More exciting news (& TONS of photos) to follow soon!!!

Again, a HUGE thank you & shout out to our partner, the Hotel Belleclaire & especially to Adisa Feratovic, Director of Sales & Marketing, for sponsoring our stay & making is such a positive and joyful experience!

Stay tuned...!



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roundup Redux

How exciting is this?!  I've made Independent Fashion Blogger's Linkà la Mode again!  Thank you IFB!  I am so grateful to be chosen alongside these other fantastic bloggers - please be sure to read their posts!!!


Picture Perfect

Whether it be styling the right outfit, looking good in glasses, or finding treasures in your closet, ultimately as fashion bloggers we share our fashion story. Through words or through photography, this roundup takes a closer look at making life more beautiful, fashion icons like Lilly Pulitzer who passed away over the weekend, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli.. and the downward spiral of the house of Saint Laurent. What are we going to do to keep the world beautiful? Sustainable fashion and shopping our closets? And how will we document it.. there are fantastic photo tutorials in the mix to. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup, April 11th

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