"A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance." ~ Cristobal Balenciaga

Monday, November 14, 2011

Late Links à la Mode

Dear Readers, 

My very sincerest apologies to the Independent Fashion Bloggers - I became very ill (no joke - couldn't work for a month) shortly after I submitted my post for Links à la Mode and since I just recently started to feel better, I suddenly remembered to check!! How embarrassing! Better late than never I guess! I am so happy to have found out that I was included amongst these amazing posts! Thank you IFB and congratulations to all the other bloggers! Please read on and check out all the spooktacular links :)


Edited by Taylor Davies
As style bloggers, we relish the daily task of getting dressed. It’s kind of our thing, right? Once a year though, everybody gets in on the fun – and then takes it to a whole other level. Of course I’m talking about Halloween. That crazy holiday that causes adults to act like children and children to dress up like adults. As a 20-something, Halloween can be a far cry from the trick-or-treating days of our youth – but one element will always stay with me: we get to pretend to be someone else. Instead of dressing to best express who we really are, we get to dress to appear to be someone completely different.

This week’s Links a la Mode features posts from our community about amazing Halloween costumes and inspiration, DIY projects and even a little life lesson or five from The Nanny named Fran.




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