"A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance." ~ Cristobal Balenciaga

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

French Vogue
Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone is having a lovely break with family & friends.  I must have been naughty this year, because I awoke Christmas morning with the flu :(  Anyway, I've still been partaking in lots of yummy treats & watching favourite Christmas movies etc.  Does anyone have any special New Year's Eve plans?!?  
Here's some wintery wonderland photos for your enjoyment :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Time's a Comin'

Hello Dear Readers!

I apologize for the delay in this post.  In addition to my regular work schedule, I was working long hours at the Toronto One Of A Kind Show for both Stefanie Bezaire & Wildhagen Hats the last couple of weeks - please check both of them out, their stuff is amazing!  I really enjoyed the show & wish I could have seen more of it!  But it was also quite exhausting, hence no new posts...  But there is a reward for those who wait because now it's getting close to Christmas, so this is a holiday-themed post!!

I LOVE Christmas!  No matter how grumpy I get about the snow & the cold, I still feel it's a magical & inspiring time of year.  I also adore the following festive fashion illustrations.  I hope they help get you in the holiday spirit :)

via Lauren Bishop

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art Of Fashion "La Belle Époque" Photoshoot

Bonjour :)

After the Art Of Fashion Design Competition, which you can read up on here and here, I wanted to do a photoshoot with each of the models wearing dresses of their choice in partial repayment for their hard work (& to document my own work of course ;).  This is the first shoot with Karina & Kathleen - hopefully I'll be able to shoot & post the other ladies soon, although I'll have to find an indoor venue...

I love photoshoots!!  I love finding the venue, doing the hair & makeup, styling the pieces, photographing the models, editing the photos!  But, although I have a nice basic digital camera, I really want to get one that is more photographer-appropriate (suggestions are welcome!).

This time, for the shoot, I decided to switch it up a bit from the competition & have a cleaner, sexier look for the hair & makeup to modernize the pieces a bit more.  I loved the setting, which my mother, Norah, & Kathleen found!  I really like how the soft dresses play off the hard surfaces.  I also played around with the light & colour filters a bit in photoshop to change the feeling of the dresses.  Karina & Kathleen were, as you can see, amazing!  Everything looks so good on them!  I hope they had as much fun as I did :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nuit Blanche Art Of Fashion

Hey Lovelies,

Ok, so I'll be catching you all up for a while since I'm a little behind in this blogging business...but that just means there should be more interesting posts (I'll try!) to read more frequently (hopefully) :)

This post is a continuation from the last...
So, I was selected as one of ten designer finalists for the Art Of Fashion Design Competition!  I had a little less than one month to create six outfits from my submitted sketches - it wasn't a lot of time & I did all the designing, pattern-making, cutting, & sewing myself, plus kept on working at my multiple part-time jobs in order not to starve, so I was a little crazy by the end of it ;)  But I did it! & I found out along the way that I had a lot of amazing people supporting me!  

These photos are from the night of the competition during Nuit Blanche.  Each designer was assigned one model to showcase one piece & move about the venue (the beautiful Vania Georgieva).  As well, designers had to create an exhibit to display the remaining five pieces from our miniature collection.  I decided to go with the "La Belle Époque" theme & try to create a Parisian cabaret tableau with live models & musicians playing salon music from the golden era.  My sister Kathleen, also one of the models, & Adeline Yu assisted with the set.  The gorgeous makeup on the models was done by the multi-talented  Stefanie Bezaire, & I did their hair.  

My lovely models/musicians (Rebecca El-Saleh - harp, Criselda Gonzales, Jane Levitt - violin, Kathleen Ludwig - cello, & Karina Vera were truly amazing!  They posed & played music the entire night - that's stamina!!
This is me with Vania - both dresses by Corinne Monique

Art Of Fashion Design Competition

Hey all :)  So, as this is my first blog EVER, I wanted to share one of my favourite things with you - fashion sketches!  

These are the sketches I submitted to the 2010 Art Of Fashion Design Competition.  The theme was "La Belle Époque."  My interpretation of the theme reflects a modern adaptation of elements from the golden era (e.g. Edwardian tailoring, leg of mutton sleeves, bustles, ruffles, lace, luxurious fabrics and trims).  Some of my designs lean toward the elegant, more refined side of La Belle Époque, while others depict the notorious Parisian cabarets of the era and a darker side of glamour.  This spectrum of light and dark is illustrated by the use of fabrics, colours, and the amount of skin revealed.  The desired effect is sensuous, but never vulgar, indulgent but not indecent.  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!