"A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance." ~ Cristobal Balenciaga

Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar for Best Dressed Goes To...

The adorable Colin Firth & Anne Hathaway
Hello Film & Fashion Lovers,

I was so excited for the Academy Awards last night!  Which films/actors would take home an Oscar?  I'm so glad The King's Speech won for Best Picture!  How would the hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco do?  It was a pretty Anne-dominated-but-otherwise-basic presentation, but I did like their opening sequence and loved the music video mash-up...so funny.  I also liked the King's Speech voice-over lead-up to the Best Picture winner, even if it was a little bit strangely prophetic ;)  But the most important question, for me anyway, was who would wear who?! 

Let's start with Anne Hathaway, who wore a total of eight outfits during the night.  
Here are my pics for her best looks:

Anne Hathaway...in a Lanvin tux & amazing Brian Atwood heels

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daring & Demure: A Tale of Two Red Carpets (Grammys & BAFTAs)

Hello Readers,

This past weekend, two interesting fashion events occurred (ok, way more if you count the start of the Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-To-Wear season with the Montreal and New York Fashion Weeks kicking off.  But never fear, I will, of course, cover that in detail in a future post...):  the Grammys and the BAFTAs.  

To me, the Grammys are always an excuse to go absolutely crazy (sometimes to the extreme and ridiculous) with fashion, and the celebs seem to try to get away with as much (or as little ;) as possible.  This year, some fashion choices even left me asking, "who hatched this idea?"  As I have no (kind) words for certain wardrobe choices, I will just post some looks I liked...

My favs:

Rihanna in Christian Dior Haute Couture
I love couture & I love pansies, nuff said.
Plus, I think this dress shows off this gorgeous girl's *ahem* assets better than other outfits...

& still screams for attention, just in a different way.

I've Been Rounded-Up!

Philippe Halsman: Jump, Audrey Hepburn
Hello Lovelies,

Well, today was an exciting day!  My Lady in Red post made it to My Fashion Lust List's "I ♥ Links" weekly round-up!!!  Yay :)  I am honoured and thrilled that my post was included amongst the other amazing posts!  Thank you so much MFLL!!!  XOXO

Please be sure to visit MFLL's lovely blog, where you can read the original "I ♥ Links" post, along with many other fabulous posts!  I've also included the list below...  Also, please help support the other fantastic bloggers on this week's list by checking out their wonderful posts (click on the links)!  

  • Timeless Hues Spotted in 2010
    It's great editorial. A look-back on 2010's ageless fashion elements. A love the idea, I love the pictures, it's all fantastic! This great post is on Roses et Épines.
  • The Flying Squirrel by Young Restless
    I love the collection this post is about, I love the pictures, I adore the quality of the post, and I especially like it when the blogger's mother tongue and the same text in english is in the post! Lovely! Brought to us by Le Paradox.
  • How To Make Envelopes From Old Fashion Magazines
    It's a very sweet and really creative how-to on making envelopes out of magazine pages. I love it! I will definitely try to make one -- although I almost never send real male...I'm so 2011. This nice tutorial was made by Dora Cruceru.
  • Vogue Italia: Summerton's Dud Spread
    Smart and self-opinion centric post on Emma Summerton's "The Blackallure". It's interesting and makes you actually think about it -- which fashion blogs rarely do. Great article on International Fashion.
  • Lady in Red
    Really nice post collecting celebrities wearing red. It's a very sweet eye-candy, and I especially love the dress Corinne wears in the last paragraph -- it's very pretty! Sweet read by Corinne Monique.

These're the five best posts of this week's lineup. 

Thanks again MFLL!
Congratulations to my fellow bloggers :)

Corinne xoxo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady in Red

Vogue 1954

Happy Valentine's Day Beloved Readers,

I have always loved Valentine's Day, ever since I was a little girl.  So, in honour of the upcoming Valentine's Day, and as a tribute to the beautiful colour red, I am posting a collection of my favourite gorgeous red dresses!

But first, a song to get you in the mood for love:

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face