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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nuit Blanche Art Of Fashion

Hey Lovelies,

Ok, so I'll be catching you all up for a while since I'm a little behind in this blogging business...but that just means there should be more interesting posts (I'll try!) to read more frequently (hopefully) :)

This post is a continuation from the last...
So, I was selected as one of ten designer finalists for the Art Of Fashion Design Competition!  I had a little less than one month to create six outfits from my submitted sketches - it wasn't a lot of time & I did all the designing, pattern-making, cutting, & sewing myself, plus kept on working at my multiple part-time jobs in order not to starve, so I was a little crazy by the end of it ;)  But I did it! & I found out along the way that I had a lot of amazing people supporting me!  

These photos are from the night of the competition during Nuit Blanche.  Each designer was assigned one model to showcase one piece & move about the venue (the beautiful Vania Georgieva).  As well, designers had to create an exhibit to display the remaining five pieces from our miniature collection.  I decided to go with the "La Belle Époque" theme & try to create a Parisian cabaret tableau with live models & musicians playing salon music from the golden era.  My sister Kathleen, also one of the models, & Adeline Yu assisted with the set.  The gorgeous makeup on the models was done by the multi-talented  Stefanie Bezaire, & I did their hair.  

My lovely models/musicians (Rebecca El-Saleh - harp, Criselda Gonzales, Jane Levitt - violin, Kathleen Ludwig - cello, & Karina Vera were truly amazing!  They posed & played music the entire night - that's stamina!!
This is me with Vania - both dresses by Corinne Monique

Kathleen & Criselda

the lovely Vania
live musicians

Jane & Kathleen
Karina & Criselda


Karina & Kathleen
Criselda & Rebecca

Jane & Kathleen




  1. I think your entry was so classy and clever! Your day will come my dear.

  2. amazingly creative & evocative! marvelous models showing off your wonderful work! Congratulations!!!

  3. Some very classy dresses there and such a lovely choice in models and location,to display your creations.
    Your Mom & I went to school together. She gave me you blog site.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images


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