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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly

Hello Lovelies!

It's finally Spring!!!  & Summer will be soon approaching!  In honour of the warmer weather, I thought I'd share a post on my Corinne Monique Spring/Summer 2014 collection with you :)

The collection, entitled 'Medusozoa' & shown during New York Fashion Week, was inspired by my trip to the tropical Caribbean last Spring for Tobago Fashion Week.  It was my very first time visiting the Caribbean & it had a big impact on me.  The 'Medusozoa' collection continued my debut 'Year of the Serpent' collection's focus on a sense of exoticism, but this time centered on the colourful and exuberant carnival celebrations or fetes of the islands.  The collection also drew inspiration from the equally exotic & beautiful sea life in the Caribbean ocean, especially the jellyfish.  Medusozoa is the scientific name for the strikingly exquisite yet fearsome & poisonous jellyfish, alluding to the powerful & intelligent mythological character Medusa.  Medusa is the embodiment of all things feminine, having qualities & symbolism similar to the serpent, & the term also means ruler or queen.  Like the jellyfish, Medusa is said to have been ravishingly beautiful as well as terrifying, turning men to stone with one glance.  

Soowan Bramble

{ images via: Alexander McQueen, Alexander Semenov, Armani Privé, Carolina Herrera, Elle

With this inspiration, I created the feminine collection with the power of attraction in mind, hoping to tempt onlookers with its seductive confidence.  I designed pieces with clean, modern lines, reminiscent of the structured yet fluid jellyfish, featuring asymmetrical hems & cutouts.  The collection was built around alluring colours & opulent fabrics, such as chiffon, metallic silks, & dazzling sequins in hues of sea glass, hibiscus, orchid, sun-drenched gold, moonlit silver & brilliant white.

Now for the lookbook - I was lucky enough to have my beautiful friend, Amanda Gooden, as the stunning model for the shoot:

Here I am backstage dressing some of my favourite models (Casey Barber, Clarissa DeGroat, Germania Martinez, Kayla McCombs, Kourtney Edwards, Monica Mills, Monique Dumarie, Paige Binninger, Robyn Griffin, Shalea Poole, Shanti Stulliesha, Yannie Hampton, & my beloved Cookie) before they step out onto the Rogues Gallery Presents runway during NYFW, thanks to the amazing Ron Cooke, as well as the Virginia Fashion Week runway, thanks to Ann Ward Leister:

the amazing Ron Cooke & I :)

Next, we took the collection to NYC for a trunk show, sponsored by Hotel Belleclaire, during MBFW & made a special appearance at Lincoln Square (models: Amanda Gooden, Casey Barber, Erin Gabriella Birmingham, Jessica Erikson, Soliel Paden):

photo credit: Zubari Images

photo credit: Fox Hutson

style spotted haha - me in the background ;)

Then, when the collection & I traveled to Virginia, I was fortunate enough to hook up my my amazingly talented team (photog: Johnathan Benton, mua: L. Payne, hair stylist: Sana Baseer, nail tech: Keta Jackson, & beautiful models Alysa Danilova, Brittnee Rae Collins, & DeeAna Barilics) & do a photoshoot of 'Medusozoa' at the lovely Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery!  Here's some behind-the-scenes photos:

& this was the gorgeous result of the shoot:

...which was recently published in Fashion Zone Magazine!

...& thus ends the story of 'Medusozoa'...or does it? ;)



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